Dr. Katalina

M.D., American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (A.A.A.M.)

Dr Katalina is a Certified Aesthetic Doctor with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and graduated from Kursk State Medical University, Russia and is highly passionate in the field of aesthetics. She is also known as a celebrity doctor; she is a medical doctor, entrepreneur, professional singer and actress.

She graduated in 2009 and was working as a medical doctor with the government for seven years, where she had gained invaluable all round experience and knowledge in the medical arena.

Her inner philosophy of being able to provide nothing but the highest quality of care and attention to her patients had caught the attention of the Pahang royal family. She had the honour to, eventually, be the personal physician to His Royal Highness Sultan of Pahang for almost 3 years.

Dr Katalina has been involved in the aesthetic field for two years and her simple yet significant philosophy of ‘We Will Provide You With The Best Care’ holds up well in her pursuit to ensure that she is always ahead in the aesthetics field with her continuous knowledge gain, equipping her medispa with an array of the-state-of-the-art advanced machines and her quest to achieving almost zero pain score treatments for her clients remain her top priority.

According to Dr Katalina, her passion for perfection is an art form and what better way than to have the ability to combine art and science of beauty, and merging wellness and health in their infinite form through the advancement of aesthetics.

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